"100% Human Clip In Hair Extensions So Good, That It'll Turn Heads, Guaranteed..."

...Select From 10 To 30 Inches Of Beautiful Clip In Hair.

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Hi Girls,

We all need a change every now and then. From our clothes to the music we listen to, a little bit of variety is great sometimes. So why should we have the same hair style day in and day out? With RemyClip hair extensions, you can look and feel like a new person everyday.

Shop at RemyClip.com to find premium quality extensions in three textures and various lengths. Select from straight, wavy and curly and choose from 10-30 inches.

Tyra Banks Tells You the Difference

RemyClip.com guarantees to sell you 100% human hair. No synthetic or mixed hair.

Need Proof? Read real reviews by real customers.

More Reviews by Real Customers

"I recently heard of clip in extensions which got me excited because having to sew weave in is time consuming and it damages my hair. however when looking to purchase clip ins online i wasn't happy with the steep prices and worst of all you would only recieve small peices. So when i found remy clip.com i was over the moon happy. They have reasonable prices and you get a good amount of peices. I just got my package and i am very satisfied, i got the striaght extensions,which are so soft. Now i can save time in doing my hair as well as take better care of my hair. I have recommended it to my sisters and friends, who will be purchasing very soon. THANK YOU!!!!"

Review by: Crystal Williams

"My teenager daughter loves them. They look natural and are very easy for her to use. She even puts them in while getting ready for school in the morning."

Review by: Heather Peet

"This will be my second time ordering form your company. I have told all my friends about it, so excited to get them in the mail. "

Review by: Chelsie

"I would like to say thank you to this company for great service. The shipment of the hair was really fast and I received everything I ordered without a problem. I recently received bad service from Divatress.com and will not be ordering from that company again! I absolutely love my hair and just put in another order for the straight hair. I will be ordering the wavy hair within the next two weeks!"

Review by: Kayla Stokes

Clip in hair extensions are a fast, easy, and fun way to give your hair a boost!

Clip in hair extensions are a short cut to helping you make your hair look as though you have more length and volume than you really do. Forget about waiting for your hair to grow or the beauty stylist to schedule an appointment for you – with clip in hair extensions, you can take care of changing your hair all by yourself.

Clip in hair extensions allow you to achieve a different look, conveniently and frequently, with relatively low cost and very little effort. These beauty accessories have advantages over wearing wigs, which can be costly, uncomfortable, difficult to maintain, and may not stay securely in place.

The clip in’s are easier than the more traditional bonding hair extensions, which can damage your natural hair, are very expensive, and not easily applied or removed when you want to achieve a different hair style in just a few minutes.

Clip in hair remy hair are so easy to attach, that you can do it yourself. Simply, they are placed as close to the scalp as possible. Permanent hair extensions may be produced from synthetic hair; this type of material is usually manufactured from an oil based material, which means it does not react well to intense styling or heat. Whereas the clip in hair extensions can be easily removed, so they are not receiving shampoo or other treatment as frequently, they can be removed and safely stored. If the clip in hair extensions do suffer damage, they can be easily removed, and inexpensively replaced.

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