What is Remy hair?

Whether you’re new to clip-in hair extensions or you’re a total pro, it’s important to understand what Remy hair is.

Hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces, and clip-in hair extensions are all great tools to help you get a different look without committing to a cut or color. They are also helpful in adding hair or volume to hair that is thinning or if you have gone bald. If you’re looking at clip in hair extensions, it’s worth considering clip in Remy hair extensions. However, before you decide which extensions or hairpieces to choose, you should learn a bit more about the options. Here’s what you should know about Remy hair.

About Remy Hair

Remy hair is a common form of hair used in wigs and extensions. It is typically considered to be one of the highest quality types of hair that you can use in a hairpiece. Remy hair extensions use real human hair, and the cuticle of the hair is left completely intact and unaltered. This means that extensions made with remy hair look more natural and realistic than non-remy hair extensions. Remy hair is carefully sorted and arranged to ensure that each cuticle is the same length, which also contributes to it’s smooth, natural look. The clip in remy extensions stay soft, shiny, and silky, just like natural tresses.

Benefits of Clip in Remy Extensions

Clip in Remy extensions have numerous benefits. First, because the cuticles of the hair are untouched but carefully sorted to make sure they are all the same length, remy clip in extensions are some of the most natural and life-like extensions on the market. The other benefit of using remy hair in clip in extensions is that remy hair does not matte or tangle even after washing the way that some other hair types used in extensions do.