Q: How long does it take to apply the clip in hair extensions?

A: Only 2-3 minutes

Q: How many pieces does the set come in?

A: East set has 7 pieces of hair and 16 clips.
1x 8 inch weft (4 clips)
2x 6 inch wefts (3 clips)
2x 4 inch wefts (2 clips)
2x 1.5 inch wefts (1 clip)

Q: Is it remy hair?

A: Yes. 100% Remy hair.

Q: Why should I select RemyClip extensions?

A: RemyClip extensions offer superior quality, more volume, and a better value. Each of our extension collections are created with 100% high-quality Remy human hair that lasts up to a year (with proper care). With a wide range of colors and the versatility to create your own unique style, you’re sure to find the perfect hair extensions to complete your look.

Q: How long will the hair extensions last?

A: With proper care the extensions can last up to one year.

Q: What lengths are available?

A: We offer lengths from 16-28 inches.

Q: Can I wash my clip in hair extensions?

A: Yes. RemyClip extensions can be washed just like any other high quality hair extensions. Please note that washing does shorten the life of the extensions as they do not receive natural oils from the roots or scalp.

Q: Can I dye, cut, curl & straighten the hair extensions?

A: Yes. RemyClip extensions are made from 100% human hair so they can be treated like your own natural hair. They can safely be trimmed, curled, straightened, dyed and toned. To avoid damaging the extensions, its recommended that the maximum temperature should be set at 180c/350f.

Q: Does the clip in hair extensions shed?

A: RemyClip extensions are wefted tightly on the track so there is close to no shedding. However, due to the nature of the product you may experience shedding the more you use the extensions.

Q: Can I put clips back on if they are loose or break?

A: Absolutely yes.